Complete Re-Upholstery Completes
the Look of Your Boat or Yacht!

Perhaps the fittings of your loved boat or yacht are looking a little weathered, and you think it might be time for a whole new look. Or you may have just bought a boat or yacht and decided it needs a facelift.

No matter the size and type of your boat, it's your sanctuary and your passport to relaxation, enabling you to get away from it all. Naturally you want it to be a comfortable environment that looks as good as it feels.

When it comes to re-upholstering your boat, you want only expert hands on deck!

Experts in Marine Re-Upholstery

At Complete Re-Upholstery our skilled craftsmen have expertise in all kinds of marine upholstery. They provide a professional, attractive finish with maximum comfort and durability.

And they're familiar with the special requirements for refitting of all types of boats, from powered boats to luxury boats and yachts.

Complete Re-Upholstery can repair or restore the seating, top of the boat, engine enclosures, boat decks and beds.

We stock a large range of marine vinyls in a huge choice of colours and textures to suit every marine need. We use only top-quality materials that stand up to tough conditions.

Boat and Yacht Re-Upholstery Melbourne

Free No-Obligation Quote

For a refitting that will revitalise the interior of your boat and offer long-lasting comfort, you can't do better than Complete Re-Upholstery.

Whether you're after a simple boat deck re-upholstering or a complete custom boat upholstery, for a free no-obligation quote please call us on 0433 674 496, send us an e-mail or fill in our online form.

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